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Customer Service tips


-Successful organizations have one common central focus- customers. It does not matter if it is a business, professional practice, hospital or government agency. Success comes to those who are obsessed with looking after their customers.

-This is not a secret. Everywhere you look, someone proclaims the supremacy of customer service. But even still, we find that customer service leaves much to be desired.

-And it is no wonder, look at how we’ve been training our employees? We promote them from lower positions into managers who are now responsible for dealing with customer issues. Do we presume they know customer service just because they hold the title of “Manager”? Should we consider some customer service training? These questions are typical for any successful business regardless of size.

-Every day we find that quality isn’t enough and customer service is the only recipe for a booming business. The success we have enjoyed in the past is due to looking after our customers, seeing them as individuals and trying to understand their needs. For business owners, you must make sure that customer service is job number one!

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