Bartering: Old Idea with Modern Flair

Barter: Old Idea with Modern Flair

Barter is an idea as old as civilization itself. By definition, barter is the cashless, item for item trading of goods and services. While our ancestors may have traded chickens for horseshoes, today’s savvy business owners are bartering hotel rooms for printing, computer repairs and advertising, all with the help of a professional barter exchange.

Florida Barter is your professional barter exchange, serving both as accountants and matchmakers. We bring clients new business, stimulate sales, convert excess capacity and inventory into revenue and acquire goods and services needed to conduct business. The most important benefit of barter is cash conservation. Keeping cash in the bank, while using barter revenue to offset normal operating costs.

Barter is an ally to the small business owner. Traditionally, small business owners who are planning to expand their business would go to a bank and attain finance for the expansion project. With barter, that business owner uses the value of their goods and services to fund company growth.

Embrace this old tradition and help your company grow, using barter as a valuable business tool!

Contact Florida barter today to see how barter can generate new customers, increased cash flow, and more!!

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